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AOC Wines

Thomas Barton Réserve

This range of wines is the ultimate homage to Thomas Barton, who came in Bordeaux from Ireland in 1725. He quickly became the most important wine merchant in Bordeaux having built a solid reputation among prestigious customers all over Europe. The spirit of Thomas Barton has been perpetuated in this unique and presitious range of carefully selected wines from the heart of the Bordeaux region's greatest appellations. These wines are the epitome of classic Bordeaux: rich, fruity and elegantly oaked, the modern equivalent of the great wines of the 18th century, those that Thomas Barton might have enjoyed and chosen himself.

Everything starts out in the vineyard, with a drastic selection of the best terroirs and strict vine-growing rules in order to guarantee high quality fruit. Yields are low, sorting rigorous, and the wines are traditionnaly fermented before ageing in oak barrels to enhance each terroir's authenticity. All these efforts and attention are richly rewarded by the quality and generosity of Thomas Barton Réserve wines, whose opulent style and excellent ageing potential represent the quitessence of the finest wines of Bordeaux.

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