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While moving forward to our 300th anniversary, we want to:

  • Give every wine lover in the world, the opportunity to experience the great wines of France and to learn more about them
  • Bring to the world our quality wines that are a source of emotions and inspirations
  • Build strong win-win relationships with our customers and winegrowers.

This will greatly help us to remain the benchmark for French Wines and will reinforce our iconic positioning as a leading French International Brand available in all premium channels throughout the world.


Sustainability is a fundamental element of global economy. Barton & Guestier is involved in various steps towards sustainability , especially at Château Magnol, which is member of the first organisation for the Environmental Management System for Bordeaux Wines. Steps involved considerations about land, energy, water and waste water quality, carbon and water footprint, waste reduction, safety and health. The Chateau has been certified ISO 14001 in 2013.


At Barton & Guestier, Character, Knowledge and Art of Living are the core-values that guide our teams and build strong partnerships.


At Barton & Guestier, we are guided by the visionary and pioneering spirit of our founders, Thomas Barton and Daniel Guestier, embracing as they did, every chance to discover new horizons, passionately.


At Barton & Guestier, from vine to wine, from vinification to tasting, with our expertise and commitment, we aim perfection. Additionally, we make a point of honour of conveying our know-how, both through time, from one generation to the next, and through space, from one country to another, from one culture to another.

Art of living

At Barton & Guestier, we have proclaimed "Art Of Living" our company philosophy. We are lucky to share this state of mind of generosity and sharing with the guests we welcome at Château Magnol and the people we meet around the world.

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