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Our history

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It was in 1725 that Irishman Thomas Barton settled in Bordeaux to start his company, which is today the city’s oldest winehouse still in activity… His grandson Hugh teamed up with Frenchman Daniel Guestier and in 1802 their partnership became official. From the Chartrons area in the center of Bordeaux, barrels and bottles were loaded on board of ships that sailed via the Garonne river to numerous countries, starting with Ireland, England, Holland and the USA to reach over 130 countries at present.


A journey through our history

We have been making quality wines and sharing emotions with winelovers worldwide for almost three centuries.While assuring you of our ongoing passion and dynamism, we invite you on a voyage of discovery through our fascinating history...


US Connection

By the end of the 18th century, Daniel created a trade-office in Baltimore where his brother Pierre-Auguste (Peter) was in charge of business.From 1785 to 89, Thomas Jefferson is US Ambassador in France. During this period, he spent 5 days in Bordeaux where he also met the Barton and Guestier families. In a letter from August 1787, Jefferson listed Mr Barton as one of his preferred supplier. In 1805, Jefferson wrote a letter in which he asked for B&G wines.During his first term as President he spent $ 7,500 on wine, which is $186,000 in today's money!In 1981, US President Richard Nixon visited Château Magnol.In 2014, B&G tweets to Barack Obama to invite him to Château Magnol!


Maritime History

Daniel Guestier, Captain, Master Mariner and Shipowner was at the origin of navigation with steam vessels on the Garonne River. He sailed on all oceans to bring B&G wines to the customers of the company.La Grande Nancy, L'Elize, La Belle Poule, La Victoire and Le Prévost de Lacroix were among his famous ships.

Important Dates

Arrival of  Irishman Thomas Barton in Bordeaux.

Germain Rambaud becomes the 1st cellar master for Thomas Barton until 1815.

Association of Hugh Barton (Thomas’ grandson) with Daniel Guestier: creation of Barton & Guestier.

Thomas Jefferson’s letter: he wants B&G wines!

Purchase of Châteaux Langoa et Léoville in Saint-Julien (Médoc) and purchase of Château Beychevelle until 1875.

B&G purchases Château Magnol which becomes Barton & Guestier head quarter, then 10 years later the vineyard.

President Richard Nixon visits Château Magnol.

Creation of the 1st wine school "Wine Connaisseur Programme" in Château Magnol.

B&G exports 16 million bottles to 130 countries.

Thomas Barton

Thomas Barton

Wine exporter and merchant

Thomas Barton was born in Curraghmore, County Fermanagh, Ireland in 1695. After his marriage in 1722 and the birth of his son William, he left Ballyshannon to explore the Mediterranean. In 1725, he settled in Bordeaux where he started exporting wines to Ireland and Holland. He quickly became the most important wine merchant in Bordeaux having built a solid reputation among prestigious customers all over Europe. His loyal clients nicknamed him “French Tom.” In 1747, he rented Château Le Boscq in Saint-Estèphe where he lived at the property. Thomas Barton's spirit has been perpetuated by the following generations.

Daniel Guestier

Daniel Guestier

Captain and trader

Daniel Guestier was born in 1755 near Bordeaux. In 1781, he was appointed Captain and started trading business worldwide. In 1793, he temporarily took over the business of his friend Hugh Barton, who was in prison after the French Revolution. By the end of the 18th century, Daniel also created a trade-office in Baltimore where his brother Pierre-Auguste (Peter) was in charge of business. Daniel Guestier became a very important personality in Bordeaux: he was at the origin of navigation with steam vessels on the Garonne river, the co-founder of the Bank of Bordeaux (later part of Bank of France) and he became President of The Chamber of Commerce of Bordeaux.

Château MAGNOL

The heart of Barton & Guestier
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