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Words of Sommeliers

Devati Basumallick


M Bordeaux blanc

AOC Bordeaux

Devati Basumallick

Best Sommelier of India 2018

M Bordeaux blanc

Approachable fruitiness, impressive florals…

The eye appealing pale yellow colour of the wine in the bottle is affirmed whilst in the glass as well, with a slight silvery-green tinge to the rim. This speaks of the youthfulness of the wine that portrays itself throughout the tasting.
As soon as the bottle is opened, a delicious mix of fresh florals hit the nose. Furthermore, a brief swirl of the glass reveals its fruitiness, clean and crisp with scents of citrus peel, lemon zest, passionfruit and a notable freshness from melon and cucumber undertones that arise unprovoked. There is an intriguing delicateness on the nose of acacia blossoms and white flowers that beautifully haunt and please the olfactory senses.
Whilst on the palate, the wine does not disappoint. Its attack is lean, simple, yet noteworthy. The wine is dry on the palate, with a lively, refreshing acidity that stays on for a long time, tingling and enticing the palate for more. What truly calls for an appreciation are the short, but significant mix of layers that come out quite clean upon tasting the wine – with primary fruit flavours of fresh pears, quince, passionfruit, lime zest and crisp grapefruit, followed by hints of gooseberry and slightly unripe white peach and honeydew melon. A certain greenness from cucumber and green bell peppers and a hint of limestone minerality reveal themselves mid-palate, where the wine seems strongest on all that it has to offer approachable fruitiness, impressive florals, and an omnipresent, long acid backbone.
This Sauvignon Blanc is light to medium bodied, at its pinnacle on mid-palate, and quite the star on the finish as well – where it lingers actively with its citrus notes and acidity for a long, unforgettable finish. It is well-balanced and defines being stylish and suave in a not so subtle way, with layers that are not complex, but surprise the drinker and demand the palate’s attention with every swirl, every sip and every afterthought. Nothing too little, nothing too much, just complete – in its modern and unmistakable way.
This lean and fresh Sauvignon Blanc is good to drink on its own on a bright, sunny day, or lounging by the pool, brunching on a Sunday or enjoyed as an aperitif and with salads and appetizers.
However, I would not like to miss this opportunity of pairing this light classic with an equally enticing and lively Indian dish. This is an iconic appetizer that hails from the seafood-loving Bengali community in West Bengal, India – called Bhetki Machher Paturi, or Steamed Indian Seabass in Banana Leaf. The slight oiliness in the herb marinated fish matched with the floral, scented banana leaf flavours will be a perfect pair with the crisp and refreshing M de Magnol Bordeaux Blanc.
A taste of India, paired with a classic from the land of vin, as written by an Indian sommelier. Cheers!
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