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Kai-Wen Lu


Barton & Guestier Bordeaux Rouge

Appellation Bordeaux Contrôlée

Kai-Wen Lu
Taiwan (Province of China)

Winner of Taiwan Best Sommelier Competition - French wines 2019
Honoree of Asia Generation T List by Tatler Magazine 2019
Winner of Asia Best Sommelier of French Wine Competition 2018
Winner of Gaggenau Greater China Best Sommelier Competition 2018
Winner of Taiwan Best Sommelier Competition in Italian Wine 2018

Barton & Guestier Bordeaux Rouge

Very juicy ripe dark plum…

This wine which is blended of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon and showcases the bright and beautiful ruby colour with intense concentration on the sight. On the nose, it displays fragrant and youthful aroma such as very juicy ripe dark plum, and cassis along with elegant iris note. When the second and third nose comes to some spices aromas such as clove, and nutmeg mingling with peppery character and gravelly minerality.
On the palate, the wine showcases the vibrant and lively character which gives nice intensity on the wine with notes of ripe dark plum and blackcurrant mixed with iris, pepper and hints of spiciness. The texture of wine is well rounded and demonstrates the refined tannin and freshness of wine to have very good drinkability to make me keep on drinking this wine together with lingering and persistent finish.
Wine pairing with Taiwanese dish: Luwei.
Luwei is braised dishes mixed with many different type of ingredients in the pot. It’s based on 13 different Chinese herbs such as star anise, clove, Sichuan pepper, cardamom, liquorice, Taiwan angelica root, Couidium officinale, dried orange peel and so on to cook. Of course, every stall has their own recipe to build their flavours. Usually, people will pick their food and wait for a while to be ready to cook with special broth. The saltiness of broth is going to enhance the flavour of wine and the meat in the broth will balance the tannin in wine. The flavour of broth will be a link to build the flavour profile between food and wine. Also, the acidity in wine will bring up the flavours of dishes. ”
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