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Words of Sommeliers

Roberto Duran


Barton & Guestier Beaujolais-Villages

Appellation Beaujolais-Villages contrôlée

Roberto Duran

41st Best Sommelier of the World ASI 2019
Sommelier of the year Spain 2015
Advanced Sommelier

Barton & Guestier Beaujolais-Villages

The wine has clear and bright medium ruby colour with purple hints,

medium viscosity and medium tears. On the nose it is clean and youthful with elevated intensity, showing characteristic of fresh red fruit and black fruit such as raspberry, wild strawberry and black cherry following beautiful florality such as rose petals and fresh violet, tropical fruit such as banana peel and watermelon, dry candy aromas such as bubblegum and cotton candy, medium minerality such as granite combined with a touch of liquorice.
On the palate the wine is dry, refreshing acidity, medium in body, tannins are well-integrated and profile is juicy with medium alcohol. Characteristic of ripe wild fruit raspberry and pomegranate following black fruit profile such as fig and dark cherry, fresh red floral profile such as fresh violets and fresh roses combined with delicate spice such as liquorice and blackpepper whereas palate is showing full-driven profile. Spice aromas come at the end showing this incredible freshness and minerality.
Food & Wine recommendation:
Coca de Trampó (Majorcan flatbread with vegetables & Sobrasada)
Coca de trampó is a Majorca’s thin and crispy bread topped with vegetables & olive and Sobrasada Mallorquina.
Its one of the very classic dishes from Mallorquin cuisine. It’s called Trampo because it’s a made from fresh vegetables such as green pepper, tomato from Majorca, onions, black olive. It has a crunchy texture from the crispy bread that is topped up with vegetable and sobrasada ( Sobrasada is a raw, cured sausage from the Balearic Islands made out of ground pork, paprika and salt and other spices). On the palate the wine was lively, and had a fruit forward body. The surprisingly elevated acidity balanced with the oily texture of the dish while the full-driven character of the wine uplifts the fresh vegetables and olives. Whereas the round texture of the wine combined with juicy tannin will help to cut through the fattiness of the Sobrasada and the ripe & fruity aromatics of the wine will balance the spiciness of the Spanish paprika. A perfectly harmonious exotic character finish with fresh liquorice, black pepper, granite minerality aroma & baking spice that will bring more freshness to the palate making it a great food and wine pairing.
Classic summer dish. I recommend to serve this wine at around 10 to 12 degrees (slightly chilled) so we can enhance the fruity character of the Gamay Noir grape variety.
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