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Nutawan Jumpanak


Barton & Guestier Bordeaux Blanc

Appellation Bordeaux Contrôlée

Nutawan Jumpanak

Best Sommelier of Thailand 2019
Chilean Wine Trophy winner 2019

Barton & Guestier Bordeaux Blanc

On sight the wine is clean, with a clear pale lemon colour,

very transparent with star bright shade representing its youthful and lively character. On the nose the wine is an expression of tropical stone fruits like goose berry, star fruit, squeeze lemon drop, grapefruit and yes pomelo! On the second nose herbaceous notes appear like white asparagus, grassy in the cool air breeze. On the palate this lovely young wine shows high acidity, refreshing exhale wine really pronounces grapefruits, gooseberry. This is a young wine with nice balance with weight, structure components, medium body and dry finish.
Perfect to appetizing and the clean palate is also nice for main courses such as chicken, pork, lobster, even vegan lover vegetable base dishes, with another well-known selection of spicy sauces liked hand in hand acidity between wine and food.
To pair the wine with Thai food is easy. As the wine is refreshing, zesty, and round, it is a perfect companion to many Thai spicy dishes. One of my favorites I would like to recommend today is reminding me of Sauvignon Blanc every time when I am having this dish, as both have share similar traditions and elements. The dish name is “POO PHAD PONG KAREE” (available in all Thai restaurants around the globe). It is blue crab stir fired with kerry powder and vegetables like green, yellow and red bell pepper, celery, spring onion and coconut cream.
Vegetables will enhance herbaceous notes along with freshness, and the taste of crabmeat. The fragrance of kerry powder rounds up with the supple Sémillon. The dish is very popular among locals and visitors as it is not too spicy and has great combinination between spice and seafood.
You can enjoy this wine all day long, especially on hot summer days on the beach. I would like to recommend to serve at colder temperature, as we are living in a hot Asian country.
Barton & Guestier

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