ASSEMBLAGE Newsletter N°43 - June 2012

BY Philippe Marion


B&G Passeport - worldwide launch

The Pairing Collection - USA

Original B&G Rosé










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New Brands

> B&G Passeport - worldwide launch

Covering 19 appellations from the six main wine-growing regions, the B&G Passeport range is a true invitation to travel to France and to allow consumers to discover all the great French vineyards.

The distinctive label shape, the strong Barton & Guestier branding (both on the label and the capsule) and the red B&G Passeport stamp make this B&G Passeport range very impactful on the shelf.






Everything has been done to educate the consumer and to facilitate his choice when in front of the bottle: in addition of the name of the appellation, the labels carry the name of the region inside the passport stamp, the name of the varietals and taste descriptors in French and English for the classic appellations.
The more prestigious appellations carry a regional or village symbol.

All the "icebucket-friendly" backlabels provide information and QR codes linking to the product sheet, the B&G website and the company fanpage on Facebook.

The classic appellations of each region are delivered in right-weight Bordeaux and Burgundy shape bottles, and the prestigious appellations in specific or regional bottles. The wines are packed per 6 or per 12 in dedicated B&G Passeport outershippers.

The B&G Passeport range replaces the B&G Gold Label range. The quality of these appellations wines vinified and monitored by the B&G winemaking team, remains unchanged.

The launch of the B&G Passeport range is ongoing worldwide and is accompanied by advertising as well as promotional actions for trade and consumers with B&G cooler bags, free dropstops on informative neckhangers, giftpacks and a real B&G Passeport.

For more information on the B&G Passport range, contact your local market manager.

> The Pairing Collection

"Wine and food pairing made simple", is the slogan of this newly introduced range in the USA last April. For consumers it is often difficult to make a choice when it comes to bringing a bottle home for a dinner or barbecue. The Pairing Collection with its 5 attractive and "sensitive" labels makes it easy!

The Pairing Collection is a range 5 Appellation wines with a funny and easy to remember brandname that include the perfect match:

  • Bordeaux red AOC: Chops & Burgers
  • Bordeaux white AOC: Salmon & Trout
  • Muscadet Sèvre et Maine AOC: Lobster & Shrimp
  • Beaujolais Village AOC: Cheese & Crackers
  • Côtes du Rhône AOC: Chicken & Turkey

The backlabels propose an original recipe from Chef Frederic and include QR codes linking to the dedicated website.

For the tasting of these wines, the use of 3 senses (sight, smell, taste) is not enough, they need to be "touched" also. The use of a innovative tactile varnish on the labels, allows consumers to discover the feathers of the Chicken & Turkey, the rough touch of the cheese, and so on.

Every wine is delivered in a dedicated outershipper of 12 x 75 cl, which makes cross merchandising promotions ideal for the wines of The Pairing Collection.

The first presentation of the range took place during the the IAADFS trade show in Orlando and in Las Vegas where the wines met great success.
The launch of The Pairing Colleciton is accompanied by metallic wine racks with handy recipe cards, shelf-talkers and mail in rebate coupons.
Moreover, the May issue of Wine Enthusiast awarded 3 of the wines with Best Buys!

For more information on The Pairing Collection, contact

> Original B&G Rosé

Barton & Guestier's organic wine range is now complete with Original B&G Rosé!

Like Original B&G Sauvignon Blanc and Original B&G Merlot, Original B&G Rosé is made with organically grown grapes.
The Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah grapes come from the Cevennes regions in the North East of the Languedoc region. The wine is classified Vin de France.

Tasting notes:

Appearance: Beautiful pink salmon colour
Nose: Fresh and aromatic nose with fresh fruit and white flower aromas.
Palate: Well balanced with strawberry and redcurrant notes, and a refreshing aftertaste.

Original B&G Rosé is excellent as an aperitif and a perfect match with BBQ, fish and spicy dishes.

All the wines of the range are available in carton cases of 6 x 75 cl.

Original B&G is well implemented on the German market where organic wines are very popular!

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