ASSEMBLAGE Newsletter N°47 - Julyl 2013
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BY Philippe Marion










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 > New B&G Advertising Visual

The new Barton & Guestier "Wine & Dine, it's B&G time" advertising campaign is a real invitation to experience the magic of food & wine pairing, wherever you are. From Paris to New York and from Tokyo to Moscow, the campaign highlights the pleasure of finding the right match, whatever the dish. Thanks to the wide range of high-quality wines carefully made and brought to you by B&G winemakers, Barton & Guestier is able to offer wines to match every type of cuisine, from traditional French gastronomy to the most exotic flavours from all over the world.
The clocks can be easily adapted to any city and typical dish worldwide.

The signature "Be my Guest", already widely present on B&G's Fanpage on Facebook, is a true invitation to share a moment or meal together.

The new advertising campaign is already running in international titles like Wine Enthusiast and Decanter and also visible at Bordeaux airport.

The visual is available in high resolution format upon request or on the B&G Pro Club of

 > B&G Culinary Passport

This attractive cook-book proposes mouth-watering recipes from Chef Frédéric Prouvoyeur, each matching a wine of the Barton & Guestier Passeport range.
Each of the 19 appellation wines of the range is associated to a regional recipe -easy to make- and specially adapted by Chef Frederic, for international use. You can also find Frederic's recommended cheese pairings with each wine, as he is a great cheese-lover (discover all the Chef's secrets in the special interview).

The printed version of the Culinary Passport is available :
- in French - B&G Ref 0428 at 26,35 € per set of 20
- in English - B&G Ref 0429.

The Russian and Spanish versions are in development.

The flipbook versions are online on our website or by a click on one of the following links: English; French

 > Kingsize B&G Icebucket

This large icebucket is suitable for 6 to10 bottles and big formats. The B&G branding is in gold and the "diamond" decoration filters the light in a very elegant way, which makes the icebucket a prestigious tool at banquets, parties and tasting events.

Available under B&G Ref N°0427 at 53,80 €.

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