Barton & Guestier Red Collections

B&G, Love Letters from France

The first barrels of wine marked with Thomas Barton's own seal left from the port of Bordeaux in 1725.
Almost 300 years later, Thomas's pioneering spirit is still inspiring us. Our taste for innovation and our pursuit of quality have remained unchanged. We are proud to offer you this collection of fine French Appellation wines that we have carefully vinified in order to reflect the very best of their terroir.

The red signature highlights the expertise and authenticity which have built Barton & Guestier's renown for almost 300 years.

Barton & Guestier Appellations

In 1725, the greatest French wines were produced by famous Chateaux but aged and fined by the wine merchant's cellar masters, who added their final touch to each wine. Germain Rambaud, Barton & Guestier's first cellar master, crafted the best wines of the 18th century.
Today, Barton & Guestier has successfully upheld the tradition of selecting, vinifying, bottling and shipping the fine French Appellation wines to more than 130 countries.
Laurent Prada, B&G head winemaker, and his team work daily in partnership with almost 150 winegrowers to produce the 19 wines of our collection of the greatest French Appellations: Bordeaux, Loire Valley, Beaujolais, Bourgogne, Rhone Valley and Provence.

"Developing a strong relationship with each winegrower, from father to son, is very important for us. We have a long-term mutual commitment to producing outstanding high-end quality wines."
Laurent PRADA.

All the wines are made of grapes grown in specific areas, with a strict control of grape varieties, yields and winemaking methods. Depending on the Appellation, wines are aged in oak barrels or in stainless steel vats. B&G winemakers monitor all the steps of the process including pruning, harvesting, vinification, ageing, blending and bottling.

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B&G Réserve Varietals

When they founded what was to become one of the first international wine companies in Bordeaux, Thomas Barton and Daniel Guestier had a vision: firmly establish the reputation of French wines around the world.
They were the first to offer all the great French wines under one name. Their model still applies today. Their pioneering spirit, their winemaking expertise, and their passion remain in each of us.
Today, Laurent Prada, B&G head winemaker, and his team work daily in partnership with almost 50 winegrowers in Languedoc, Gascony and Corsica to offer you our collection of highly distinctive modern varietal wines thanks to the use of innovative vinification techniques.

Rigorous specifications and strict guidelines have been established :
- Drastic selection of best terroirs with best exposure
- Optimal maturation of the grapes before picking
- Limited yields
- Classic vinification process adapted and optimised for each varietal

All the B&G varietals are classified IGP (Indication Géographique Protégée).

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